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Goods informations about toads and frogs ! I have one farm of 60 ha,and I always sleeping,with the sound of a tambor
by one toad,called of Sapo boi !

"sapao" means big frog, but the slang "sapatao" actually means big shoe.

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The frogs are definitely all checking you out.

Loving the frog blogg Lucy!

Hi lucy

Great blog!! Where are you going in peru?? Ive recently been out catching frogs in Pacaya-Samiria would be good to hear what you found and see some photos!!


I love how the frogs all appear to be staring up your skirt! That's how she hooks em in, Bindu...

Happy travels my dear. Your house and your chair are both still intact. Your home country is still very cold though, so best stay away just a little while longer. Lots o love xxx

I love this blog. Brilliant. Thanks Lucy. Cha will love the pose too...

Looking forward to next update

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