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Hello Jess Search! It's Rob Moore here...

I've just checked out the trailer for Manda Bala

I want to see it. I'm intrigued - why was the frog farm running through the film? Was the owner kidnapped? Was it money laundering?

wow the frog sushi is unbelievable. Did anyone see Manda Bala the Brazilian film about corruption? It featured a frog farm all the way through the film - something really disturbing about the whole thing

Has anyone of the local herpetologists suggested the frog farmers implement some sort of biosecurity for people entering and leaving the facility? Maybe changing footwear upon entering or exiting the facility. Having employees/visitors change into rubber boots or something similar that can be left in a chlorine bath basin? Just a suggestion. I know some field herpetologists studying amphibians here in the US are trying to incorporate some biosecurity by the use of laytex gloves and disinfecting collecting gear and footwear so the fungus is not spread from site to site.

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