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im glad people still care about all the frogs and lizerds. people hate frogs cus they think they are ugly and discosting. but i love them and im glad somone is trying to save them. you are my hero!

Hi there Bird nanny. I have to admit I am no expert but I looked up the Roccoco Toad and yes it seems to be related and does indeed look similar. Thanks for the comment and for pointing me in the way of a new toad!

blog love os frog love... they go together!!! love it lucy!!!

Aw...I've seen worse frogs and who knows...? Did you ever get in touch with the Chilean artist dude from the pop up restaurant?

Yes the relationship was all very formal and never went beyond hand-holding. In the end he just couldn't give me the kind of commitment I was looking for (what with only living for a couple of years and wanting to spend most of that in a muddy burrow eating worms).

Rhinela Genus? Doesn't that include the Roccoco Toad? It appears to have the same crests on the snout

I love that you're shaking his hand

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