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I LOVE FROGS, but do you know how to tell frog tadpolls from toad tadpolls?

I LOVE frogs, but do you know how to tell a tadpoll frog from a toad frog

You are just brilliant, do you know this?

I sure have enjoyed reading about your adventures, good for you! I found you because of the sloth video. I am healous, except for the bug part - I hate bug bites and left all the bugs in Texas when I moved to California. Don't miss biting bugs one bit.

Frogs and toads are amazing animals. I grew up in Indiana with a Frog and toad symphony all Spring and summer long. I play a tape of pond sounds to sleep to because I live in a big city. And I fear my grandkids and theirs will only know these creatures in digital form. Chytrid scares the hell out of me. I admire anyone who can go help the cause. I know we aren't enticed into love for reptiles like we are mammals, but their beauty is undeniable if we take the time to look. I really hope you can stop this disease. To hear silence in the world that once nurtured frogs is horrible--it's like a world without music.

I love this! you've taken kissing frogs to a whole new level! I notice you are just licking the good looking and dangerous ones.

How about Phyllobates jimboensis?
They're all really spectacular frogs. You'll have to come over to Australia and check out the Corroboree frog.

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