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Too bad... What a sad future for amphibians... the fungus is hitting here in Spain also... but the main problem is the accelerated destruction of their habitats. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Love it!

Great recount, Lucy!! I can't think of a better way to spend one's birthday; and to have a toadlet named after you no less! In a few days I will be contributing my own time to more local amphibian conservation; helping some Nevada State biologists recover some
tagged endangered toads for study and finding new individuals for their mark and recapture program. These will be the Amargosa toad
(Anaxyrus nelsoni).

i love it... he looks like a 'slightly annoyed plastic toy' brilliant.
looking forward to seeing you xxx

sounds like best birthday ever. thinking of you. lots of love Sal

Bravo Lucy!!!! I can't wait to meet u face2face and have an amazing chat about ur frogyadventures!!
Coming next week to LDN, would u be around?

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