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Great job you people are doing with this website.

The day I spotted my first Bolitoglossa, I decided I would probably spend the rest of my life studying them :)

Oh, and here´s a nice video by the BBC of a pair of B. schizodactyla.


I love your three toed sloths (the two toed sloths are cute too, but I am partial to three toed sloths..) and I am very happy to hear about all the good you are doing to protect the species. Thank you so much for your everyday struggles! It is very appreciated, not only by the sloths, but also by those of us twiddling our thumbs in the states not knowing how to help.
Thank You,

Deb thank you so much for your lovely message. Recently I've been receiving a lot of comments from "Viagra ONline" and "Penis Enlargement" so it was not only lovely to receive something that was written by a human and wasn't spam but also was in praise of the frogs. Many thanks for reading.

Dear Lucy Cooke. Here I sit in the comfort of my own comfort, second glass of wine nearby and plenty of work to be done. But what am I doing? Reading your blog. I find when I sit down to scan this damned thing the time evaporates and I'm propelled into the steam and beauty of the jungles of the world. Thank you for this. Thank you for it all. Much love and hope for the frogs and their champion. Deb.

I think salamanders are damned cute, although I admit that they started making me a bit sleepy. Maybe speed up the video a whole bunch and put "Yakety Sax" to it. :)

Ha ha Maxyne. Tis true she likes them with a deep tan. Very funny. x

The Salamander seems much more Jordan's type. Great post Lucy x

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