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Very interesting blog! I have always loved frogs since I was a kid and have kept many different species... red eyes, mantellas, they are wonderful amazing creatures and in need of conservation - to see them being put in a blender like that makes me sick. The licking of the poison dart frogs was fascinating and scary! hahaa... i love building vivariums and keeping dart frogs is something ive always wanted to do ! I would only buy captive bred ones of course. I'm really interested in the ant that they eat that makes them so toxic in the wild... what biochemical reaction is going on there???? It's so sad that no ones really pays attention to them - but they are such an important indicator of the state of our environment...

Dear Lucy,
I work in a reknowed aquarium in Europe, and I would like to ask your permission to use the Telmatobius culeus picture in an amphibian exhibit we are opening in two weeks. Credits will be given. Could you be so kind to contact me. Best regards

awesome n bizarre!

My boyfriend posted this on my facebook the other day, and who do I see? Mookie!I just left Los Amigos two weeks ago. It's an amazing place and I hope to go back soon. Hope you have as great of an experience as I did. I will definitely continue to read your blog! :)

Thanks for the comments folks!

It's true. There may well be interesting chemicals in Telmatobius that are beneficial to human health. Biochemical analysis would be a great idea. The Andean people believe the frogs cure a very wide variety of ailments from a simple fever to epilepsy, asthma, anaemia and prostate problems. It seems unlikely that that this frog can cure such a wide range of illnesses and I very much doubt that they are able to have the same effect as Viagra. I suspect their appearance has led them to this mythical aphrodisiac status.

Those toads remind me of Shar Pei versions of Xenopus! LOL! I hope you'll make it to the American Southwest and check out our native species of amphibians. You would adore Anaxyrus alvarius. They reach the size of small dinner plates and there are some people who do try to lick them.

The things people call traditional amaze me.
Traditional whaling with industrial ships,
Traditional turtle hunting with 50HP outboards, alloy boats and guns....

Traditional aphrodisiacs made with electric blenders served up in plastic cups

A tradition of rubbish I think..

Telling people they're horrible won't make you many friends, but good on you for trying the juice. Without a biochemical analysis you cannot make statements about the stimulatory or vasodilatory effects of ingestion. Otherwise an entertaining post.

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