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I went to this sanctuary years ago with a woman who happened to be staying at the same hostel as me. She went insane and started yelling at the people who run this place. It was horrible. We had just made it through the infirmary where they care for the injured sloths and she assumed that is where they kept the healthy ones and started screaming about they way they were treated. It was insane, she would not listen to anyone and just started yelling. We got thrown out before making it to the area where all the healthy sloths hang out. So i never got to see stuff like this. So sad!

it's definitely worked - I came for the sloths, but I'm gonna stay for the frogs!

Ok, I must confess I came here via a sloth video on Vimeo, but I'm a fan of frogs. They are wonderful creatures and many of them are incredible beautiful. I have a crush for the blue ones, they are marvellous (and too bad too poisonous to touch). But it's really sad to know they are endangered. Glad to know there are people like you acting to try to stop it and find a solution.

But frogs ARE cute! And toads! I've kissed so many but no princes so far... I had an axolotl once and he was awesome.
There used to be a lot of frogs and toads around when I was a little girl, now it's a rarity to hear their songs in the summer nights...

Great pictures! I particularly like the Red Eyed Tree Frog :D

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